Women’s Health


HT (Hormone Therapy) – Prevention of osteoporosis and maintaining gynaecological health is important, in that regard, hormone therapy is thought to have long-term benefits.  We are prescribing Health Canada approved bio-identical hormones.

Hormonal and non-hormonal contraception  – We offer a variety of options to discuss and consider, including combined oral contraception, intrauterine devices including Mirena, Kyleena and Copper.  Injection (depo-provera, in selected cases), the NuvaRing and Evra patch.

RAICE Centre – We are happy to announce that we are now an official accredited RAICE Centre :  Rapid Access Intrauterine Contraception centre of Excellence



Pregnancies – Dr. Scheeres will manage Obstetrics and High Risk Obstetrics in consultation with Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket and Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.

Fertility  – A primary work up will be done to diagnose the reason for the fertility concerns. Together you would then determine the best course of action.

Menorrhagia –  A variety of treatment options to manage menorrhagia will be offered to you.  It may include hormone therapy,  placement of an intrauterine system or an endometrial ablation.

Gynaecology –  Appropriate Gynaecologic surgeries will be offered at Stevenson Memorial Hospital in Alliston.

Colposcopy – Management of cervical dysplasia, vulvar and vaginal pathology will be managed at Stevenson Memorial Hospital.  Referral to a Gynaecologic Oncology Centre will be arranged if necessary.

* Please note: You need a referral from your current doctor. *